August: Birth Month of Street Fighter and Release month of the original Saints Row

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Street Fighter x Tekken Launch Party

Yesterday was the Street Fighter X Tekken launch party, at the Majestic Hall in downtown Los Angeles. We were fortunate enough to obtain VIP passes for this closed-door event, and didn’t have to wait in the gigantic line that wrapped around the building. It was a blast! Open bar (for the VIPs), free energy drinks, and booth babes- what more could a gamer ask for? We had the chance to mingle with some of Capcom’s higher ups, as well as witness a lot of crazy combos and beat downs by expert gamers! All in all, it was a great way to spend a Thursday night. Even Asura made a cameo appearance and was quite a hit with the ladies…

For more information on the launch party, check out, as well as our Facebook page!