Dragon’s Dogma Bobble Budds, in the wild (YouTube Appearance)

Dragon’s Dogma Bobble Budds show up in a youtube video review of Dragon’s Dogma! There’s some great information in here if you’re interested in some hands-on reviews of Dragon’s Dogma, but you can also skip to 6:25 for a few seconds of Dragon’s Dogma Bobble Budds Action!

Do you want a Dragon’s Dogma Bobble Budd of your own? Check out the Dragon’s Dogma Bobble Budd page for retail availability!

New Bobble Budd Announced for Dragon’s Dogma!


We have a new addition to the Bobble Budds family! The Dragon’s Dogma Pawn customizable Bobble Budd has been announced on Capcom Unity! Available only through Pre-Order through Capcom Unity is the Dragon’s Dogma Pawn, with 4 included weapons and 2 sticker sheets for making him resemble any hero you like. (Maybe even yourself?)

>>Link: Dragon’s Dogma Bobble Budd

Check ’em out! Place a pre-order, and remember: These are a Capcom Store Exclusive, so don’t expect them to be available anywhere else!