In the year 2010, toy manufacturer and prototyper Multiverse Studio Inc wanted to create a new series of collectible art figures that would be different from the rest. Something with a distinctive, yet simple design that would be instantly recognizeable. Something that would not cost a fortune to collect. Something that would… bobble.

And so, after an exhausting number of executive brain-storming sessions, countless hours of development by toy engineers and eggheads with pocket protectors, and enough coffee and caffinated energy drinks to fill a regulation-sized Olympic swimming-pool, Bobble Budds® was born. Or rather, produced, since they are not actually living organisms- or are they? (no, they’re not)

In addition to having multiple points of articulation and a large head that allows the body and other accessories to be stored inside, our bobble heads feature a patented neck-locking mechanism, so at a moment’s notice the head can just be locked into place, and they will appear as normal figures, albeit with large heads.

Bobble Budds® feature many original designs, and numerous licensed characters from video games such as Street Fighter™, Mega Man™, Saints Row: The Third™, Soul Calibur™ among many others! With unlimited potential for customization, Bobble Budds® is well on its way to becoming a full-fledged collectible brand.

You like to collect things. We have things to collect.

Generic Bobble Budds