February: Zombie Awareness Month

In our sole discretion, and due to the upcoming debut of Part 2 Season 2 of “The Walking Dead” on AMC, we have declared February the Zombie Awareness Month. Normally for events like this the respected authorities would ask you to run some preparedness drills, or check your emergency water supply, or something else remotely responsible; But that’s not us. Really, when the Zombies come, they will do all the work for us, washing over the throngs of humanity like a cleansing baby-wipe of divine forgiveness with their gnashing teeth and grasping hands… All we humans need do is enjoy the show and try not to get eaten before that know-it-all Mr. Jenner from across the street. (He thinks his overblown holiday light display is so special? Well, so do the Zombies. Flock to the blinkey lights, my pets!)

So it’s Zombie Awareness Month for February 2012. What do you, the consumer, get out of this holiday? Online Deals on Zombie Swag! Zombies and Toys, the one-stop-shop for all your Zombie related news and goodness, and the SOTA Toys Online Store are offering 25% off all Zombie Related Bobble Budds merchandise. (Check out the links below.)

Bitey the Zombie at Zombies & Toys and SOTA Toys
Saints Row: The Third, Zombie Gat at Zombies & Toys and SOTA Toys

Check out the Zombies & Toys blog for more Zombie preparedness advice!

Would you like to know more about “The Walking Dead” on AMC? Check out the AMC website here.


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