Bobble Budds Version 1 and Version 2 Comparison

As we anticipate the arrival of Street Fighter Bobbles, let us take a minute and explain a few things. We will no longer be using the Version 1 body style, in favor of the newer, better, faster, stronger Version 2 body! What’s the difference, you ask?

  • 7 points of articulation, as opposed to 3 on v1 (head, L arm, R arm, L hand, R hand, L foot, R foot)!
  • larger neck opening for superior bobbling!
  • brand-new body sculpt (rounded top, and no screw holes in back)!
  • brand-new internals!
  • brand-new limb sculpts!
  • exciting new packaging!

And just like the original, v2 Bobbles have the neck locking mechanism allowing the head to be fixed in place. And of course, the body fits completely inside the head!

Version 1 and Version 2: Comparison

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